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charity e. yoro
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TLDR : I write and facilitate writing workshops. I also help businesses with marketing.


a brief herstory

My writing career has been a magical succession of right turns. 

Key Mile Markers

7th Grade (Late '90s). One of the brooding poems I write in homeroom is published in my fancy French school's newsletter. It is a small recognition that is a big deal to me, an awkward student on scholarship who wears too thick black eyeliner and shops at Goodwill out of necessity not fashion choice.

Continuing Education (2000 - 09). Encouraged by my English teacher, Ms. Jones, I continue writing through AP English classes in high school and later in college, where I graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and English. 

The highlight of my college experience is when a professor nominates my poetry for a department award and I win $100 and a free lunch.

Gap Years (2009 - 14). I leave my home in Hawaii to explore the greater world and “find myself” in true millennial fashion. I spend a summer volunteering in the Philippines. I teach English in South Korea. I serve in the Peace Corps in rural Madagascar and AmeriCorps in Newark, New Jersey.

I drink the travel blogging KoolAid. I start getting paid for writing about my colorful adventures abroad. I tutor, nanny, and wait tables to pay rent.

Arriving (2014 - 17). I move to the Bay Area, where I build a thriving consulting business, offering writing and digital marketing services to mission-driven companies, non-profits, and entrepreneurs. I take time to focus on my own writing, self-publishing my first collections of poems and essays.

Home (2017 - present). I learn, after nearly two decades of self-exploration, that I'm a natural connector, teacher, and entrepreneur. I have really good ideas. I'm really bad at doing life the "normal" way. I move toward a more location-independent lifestyle, choosing to work with remote, conscious-minded clients. I learn that I will never stop learning. And I will always, always be writing. 


I look forward to connecting with you. Namaste.

charity e. yoro